About Us

Munchkin Musik was founded in San Diego, CA in 2008. Since then the company has relocated to the Minneapolis/St. Paul and west metro areas of MN. Munchkin Musik continues to provide enriching “parent & me” style group classes as well as exciting parties and preschool music classes for little ones aged 6 months to 5 years in both areas.

Munchkin Musik uses unique evidenced-based techniques and curriculum developed by a nationally accredited music therapist to help children “connect the dots” developmentally as they reach their milestones. Our teachers utilize music and music therapy based techniques to enrich the cognitive, social, language, and physical development of young children, all while having fun making music!

Class time is filled with explorations of a wide variety of instruments and music from all over the world (including drums, shakers, bells, movement props, books, etc). Children are encouraged to explore at their own pace and class time is truly hands-on for both children and parents.

Munchkin Musik employs highly qualified music therapists who are trained to use the unique characteristics of music to not only provide parents and children the opportunity for age appropriate interaction, enhanced bonding and music education, but also to use music to achieve developmental goals in the process!

If you’ve been looking for an activity to enliven your next playgroup, party, or provide preschool music classes, contact Munchkin Musik and let the Movement, Play, Instrument Exploration, Music and Fun jump-start and nurture your child’s development today!